ILA @ FASA Day #3

Hey everyone back home!  we had a great first day of camp today.  30 kids from 3 different schools with leaders from at least 3 different local churches plus the FASA team.  The kids were mostly a little shy to start out but it didn’t take them long to loosen up.  These kids are beginning to understand the investment that is being made in them and the rare opportunity for them to be mentored by someone.  Some of these kids are really really sharp and I’ve been impressed by all of them at how they’ve responded to being called outside their comfort zone to be engaged by mostly total strangers! a local business man came to share with them about his relationship with the Lord and how that spilled over into all areas of his life and how that made him a stronger and more capable leader as well as changing and giving his life meaning.  it was a very powerful time.  Everyone loves the FASA lodge and conference center!  Its awesomeness is currently being measured in huge smiles!!  Lol




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