ILA @ FASA Day #4

Hello Americans! LOL, no it is not a South African. The Academy is going great! The students are engaged and soaking everything up. The joy and appreciation they are showing is beyond belief. Between our South African counterparts, Jess and Mer and the team we are moving through the schedule quite well. Many relationships are beginning to form between students and mentors. The students are asking amazing questions.

One activity time today we had a dual slip and slide for them (and the teams). The laughter and fun was energizing to say the least. Night activities are quite popular with the students, they love to sneak around in the dark and we love trying catch (scare) them.  Russ is doing an amazing job with games and activities.
Paul has been taking lots of pictures and video.  He has been able to put together short clips to show the students at least once a day, boy do they love seeing themselves and each other. The were cheering for each other and laughing through the entire clip.
Energy levels are staying pretty good and the team is raring to go for another strong day tomorrow.





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