ILA #5

Today was another jam packed day where God was at work in these students lives and some of the mentors. Today was session heavy with some great content where the students were encouraged and empowered to become leaders in their schools. They talked about some of the issues they face on a daily basis and how they can help over come those issues.
Even though the students were extremely tired today from all the activities, God used this time to spark some great discussions. One of the leaders from South Africa, opened up and shared a lot about his faith with me. This blew me away because at the start of camp he was so shy and reserved, never wanting to break out of his shell. Now he can’t wait to dance in front of the students and be silly. He even allowed Jody to feed him a syrup, peanut butter sandwich tonight for our skits. Seeing God work in his life during this week has been awesome to see, and the relationship we have built has been so encouraging!
God is also at wok in a young girls life, as she accepted the Lord this morning before breakfast!! Seeing her face beaming with joy as she sits in the crowd listening has encouraged our whole team!
It has been a tiring week but also an amazing week. Tomorrow will come early as we are taking the students on a hike at 5:30 AM to a swimming pool for a little polar plunge.

Continued prayer for God to work in these students lives is much appreciated!

Russ Batten





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