April Team arrived safely!

Hi FASA Friends!

So sorry we have not sent a blog earlier. We have been very busy preparing for our Holiday Camp. Travel went well in spite of an hour delay. We had help inside and outside the airport with our 13 big bags getting them loaded onto carts. Ask a team member about Bernice taking someone else’s bag and leaving the scene, leaving others to explain, specifically Shawn. Jody and Kathy were waiting with open arms and hugs for us. We managed to squeeze all of us and the many bags into the trailer and van. Once we arrived at the FASA Lodge & Conference Center we were very excited and impressed with the many buildings and places to facilitate the needs for day campers and the visiting teams.

Sunday morning we attend Agape Church, an Afrikaans Church. Thankfully Pastor Johan spoke in English most of the time instead of Afrikaans knowing we were there. He had a very powerful message about grace being God’s divine empowerment. In the afternoon many South African young men and women who would be helping us with the day camp joined us in games of chess and Uno enabling us to get to know one another better. Everybody pitched in to prepare the fire and the delicious meat for the braii. After that we spent many hours preparing our materials and the lodge for the day camp activities. The night ended with what I thought sounded like an earthquake! ¬†Upon looking up it was Beth walking head first into the very clean glass door. Praise the Lord she was not injured.
Joyce and Bernice
April Team is ready for the campers!
Playing games with the SA team!
Ms. Jane always there for the little ones!
Beth verifying that the sliding door is CLEAN!

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