Day 4 of Camp – Reflections

God is on the move in a powerful way here in Marapong. He is raising young African men to be powerful role models and messengers of the Good News of Jesus.  The joy and commitment displayed in every area as they served this week was a beautiful sight to behold.  Not only was God’s powerful impact evident in their hearts but in the hearts of the beautiful children they served.  From providing exciting, challenging fun-filled games (including the famous water slide) to praising Jesus through powerful, energetic songs, they graced all of us with the pure joy and energy they displayed.  Their delivery of the salvation message of Jesus and their soul inspiring prayers touched the core of our very being with the magnitude of the love they have for Jesus and the children they served.

   A lesson learned was that children who have so little in the way of material things are so open to the Good News of Jesus’ love for them as there are fewer distractions to take away their need for a Savior who loves them.  Being still to absorb the teaching through Scripture readings, skits, even the craziness but awesome teaching of “Sinful Sam” our puppet, the salvation messages, prayers, and invitations were a blessing to observe as you could almost see the wheels turning in their minds evidencing some understanding in what they were hearing. Bernice’s story board added such great reinforcement to what they were learning in picture form.  The reenactment of Bible stories through skits done by the leaders as well as Rockie and the African leaders kept the children spellbound and actually  laughing at the antics and imperfect settings such as waiting patiently for the wind to howl (thanks Cathy) or Abby’s crazy but funny accent as Eve, all brought laughter and fun but kept the children’s interest assuring us the message of the skit was being received. Jane, Shawn, Bernice, Abby, Beth, Rockie, Jody and Kathy outdid themselves with the Monkey Dance which was a sight to behold.  Jane, our energizer bunny amazed the children and all of us as she was non stop with every song and dance move.  Wow!! Go Jane Go!!
  Knowing our time with the children was coming to an end was hard on everyone, but we were committed to making it a celebration of joy for all the wonderful moments: the teaching, the lessons learned, the songs with motions, but most of all the powerful move of God we saw so powerfully evident in the hearts of everyone this week.  God is good.  God is very good is a testimony to what each and every person is capable of doing just stepping out in faith.  Whether here in South Africa or at home in America the message is still the same.  God uses people, especially humble, weak vessels to display His Glory.  Our role is simply to tell.  God is the power that moves the salvation message from our lips into the hearts of those hearing.  It is a glorious, glorious sight to behold.
  What I observed so clearly here this week at camp was the Church,  God’s Church moving powerfully to change lives through loving, caring, and serving in unity.  It was beautiful to see how each branch, each leader, had such an important function, using different gifts, but all working together as One in the Spirit.  No one person overpowering the other, but each also serving one another with love, care, and pure joy at each others success in moving and serving the children and each other.  The common thread was the love each and every FASA leader, FASA directors, Jody and Cathy, Rockie, the African young men leaders,  our kitchen helpers Loveness, Irene and her children Matupi and Perci, and so many others had for the children and one another.  All with the same serving heart to bring all the Glory to God!!
  Eph 4:2-6  “with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.  There is one body and one Spirit–just as you were called to the one hope that belongs to your call–one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.”
(Beth’s Mom)
Beth with her arms full!
JJ, Beth’s Mom loving on the children.
South African & American TEAM!! So thankful for their help.
So many Beautiful faces!

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