I almost didn’t make it to South Africa!

September 29, 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                       8:13 PM

I almost didn’t make it to South Africa.

Hi everyone! I’m Jana Krihak and my past day has been very exciting! Waking up at 4:00 am was the start to a long 36+ hours of travel. We said our goodbyes to our family and we got into the vans and headed to JFK for our flight that would leave in 2 hours from our arrival at the airport. Everything was going as planned and we got in line to check our suitcases and that’s when my exciting part of the trip happened. I went up to the desk with my parents, and handed the lady my passport. She then asked me how old I was, and I replied that I was 17. The next information she gave us was that she needed to see my birth certificate. It took us a few seconds to think through the situation being that I didn’t have my birth certificate, and that in order to get into the country, I would need it.  Realizing that it took us 2 hours to get here to the airport, and it would not be possible to go home in a 4 hour round trip to get it, caused more pressure on the situation. Then reality started to kick in for me as I started thinking about how my life would flip upside down if I didn’t end up coming on this trip. The lady at the desk had also told us that if we hadn’t caught this situation before I got on that plane, then I would not be allowed into South Africa past customs in the airport and sent home on a another 15 hour plane ride alone.

Thankfully, God answers prayers and provides miracles really fast. My dad called my grandparents who live 5 minutes from my house and was able to talk them through finding my birth certificate. The lady at the desk allowed us to show her a picture of my birth certificate, so my grandparents were able to take a picture and send it to us. Again, thankfully, the lady was kind and calm through the process and accepted that picture to save everyone stress on the trip.

Who knew God could answer our prayers before we even prayed them?:)

Jana Krihak

Flying friendly skies.


Johannesburg Airport at last!





The immigration line was LOOOOONG!!


So, not enough sleep on the plane Shawn?

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