The Last Day in South Africa – Blog #11

Hello from South Africa!

What a beautiful day greeted us as we rose and prepared for the day of ministry ahead;  bright skies, cool temperatures and a light breeze.

Today we traveled to Shongoane, a rural area about 40 minutes away, to do primary school ministry for FASA. What a joy to see the children walking to school and seeing their faces light up as we traveled past them. They began to wave and run along with the van. They couldn’t seem to wait to be with us. Little did they know how much we couldn’t wait to be with them and share the good news!  It was only 7AM and we were singing and dancing with 300-400 joyous children. Some of their teachers were even dancing behind them.  Jody reviewed the Ten Commandments with them that included hand motions and they knew them perfectly.  Sue and Shawn each gave a short talk based on the hope of Jesus Christ and I had the opportunity and pleasure to pray for them.  When we were finished we were able to walk among them and say good-bye. They were so happy to just reach out and touch us with a quick hand/thumb shake that is very popular here.  They were so curious and wanted to touch our arms and feel the hair on them.  It gave them such smiles.  It amazes me the pure joy they have despite their circumstances.

By 7:45 am we were done and on our way back to Lephalale where we went to the Mabalane Seleka school to share in their LCO (Learners Christian Organization) meeting. They have this meeting twice a day during their only two breaks. Instead of hanging with their classmates they choose to come and share God’s word and worship with each other.   Here at the LCO Sue shared about Proverbs 3:5-6, Shawn  shared on Philippians 4:6-7 and I shared on Jerimiah 29:11.  We each shared what these life verses meant to us and how we applied them to our lives on a daily basis.  We left them with a challenge for each of them to find a life verse of their own to live by.  It was very special to hear them worship together a cappella. What a joyous noise to the Lord. Quite a few of the learners at this meeting are from the ILA camp that just ended and it was quite nice to see them again. All too soon this time was over with the learners and off to class they had to go.

Sadly this will be the last blog from this team, from this side of the ocean. Tomorrow with sad hearts we will start the journey home to our loved ones and friends. We will leave behind new friends and our South African “family”.  Hearts are heavy, but we all share a hope of seeing one another again someday.  Most importantly we share the hope we have in Jesus Christ.

Rodney, Sue & Shawn

PS – Be sure to scroll to the bottom to hear the kids worshipping a cappella.

Shongoane Learners up to 4th grade. 300-400 kids!
Jody sharing with the kids at the Shongoane school.
Sue sharing with the kids at Mabalane Seleka.
Mabalane Seleka school, where we joined their LCO meeting.


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