It’s All Part of the Adventure! – Travel Day

Some things you just can’t plan for….. Like a stuck seat belt latch causing a trip member to have to “shimmy” out of the seat belt just to get out of the van.  What a sight that was…  How about two people with luggage carts stuck inside the revolving doors at JFK, one being the same team member who just shimmied out of the seat belt, only to hear the intercom say, “Please step forward”.  I would move forward 3 inches, the doors would stop, and the intercom again says, “Please step forward.”  Try that over and over again for about 5 minutes and this is why we say…. “It’s all part of the adventure.”   You just have to laugh.

We are so grateful for so many players involved with getting us out and on our way.  I am positive I will forget a few names, I do apologize for my memory but that in no way diminishes the impact you have on this mission for Christ.  There was Ed having a final maintenance check up performed on the van, A kind staff member helping me remove a couple seats from the van so we can fit the luggage.  Having a back with a history of being one small wrong move away from a debilitating injury, this help had a huge impact.  Steve being our driver to JFK, the perfect person with his knowledge of the route to JFK and the pleasant, yet “C’mon get into the van and lets go” demeanor which is needed at 05:30 in the morning.

And the prayerful sendoff;  Such a HUGE boost for the team to start things off fully feeling our Father’s love.  Having well wishers in the morning, a weekday, who were there at 05:30 to pray for us and this trip.  This is such a great encouragement.  We know Satan will try all types of tricks to sabotage this mission, but engulfed in our Father’s arms, we can laugh joyously when a seat belt latch sticks, or we get stuck in a revolving door, at rush hour, at one of the busiest airports in the world.  Again – It’s ALL part of The Adventure!!

Peter Hackett

FASA April Team; Ann, Beth, Jane & Peter.
Flying the South African Skies!

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