Second day of camp highlights – Day 5

Day Camp was in full swing today. We wanted to give you some highlights from the day.

The Captain explained the Gospel today.  Nicholson, age 14, better known as ‘The Captain’ is the vice president of his high school’s Learner Christian Organization.  When Nicholson speaks, his peers listen and they listened intently to his explanation of the gospel.  He presented the gospel using a technique that some call “Torn and Restored Heart” where the presenter tears a paper heart apart while asking the kids of examples of what breaks God’s heart.   When an adult chimed in with an example, this 14 year old so respectfully responded, “Please, I want the children to answer.”  The kids gave great examples of lying, fighting, drugs, etc.  As the kids give their answers the heart is torn into pieces.  Then ‘The Captain’ speaks of what Jesus has done for us on the cross and he now unfolds a fully restored heart.

Eleven year old Grace was asked “How do you know Jesus loves you.”  And she responded, “If Jesus did not love me, I would not be here.”  Her response again shows how the Lord is using this ministry.
Sixteen year old Lerato, one of our SA crew leaders, explained the Gospel to her crew of 9 children.  Utilizing the Gospel handout we provided, Lerato explained the Gospel to the kids and they ALL ACCEPTED JESUS AS THEIR LORD AND SAVIOR.
Several of our SA crew leaders along with Ann  performed a moving re-telling of Lazarus’s death and resurrection in the format of a news report. Jeffrey acted as a local reporter, Ann played the part of Martha, Donata played Mary and Rian played Lazarus. They did a wonderful job!
Sally, our beloved puppet and Jane kept the program moving all the way through with their banter to tie it all together.  And Kathy would skillfully launch the music anytime there was a lull.
Today was also the day when the teams got to present their team chant and dance for the entire camp.  These kids have such amazing creativity and had so much fun.  Many of the kids on different teams know each other so there is a great mixture of competition and cheering on of their friends.  And let me tell you, these kids have moves, they have rhythm and they love to perform for their peers.  Alpheus is trying his best to teach Peter some moves but unfortunately there are some things which are challenging regardless of which side of the equator I am on.  Jody on the other hand must be taking professional dance lessons on the side, he has some moves!
Back to the lodge tonight to prepare for day 3 and hopefully be in bed by 11.
God Bless
A Team effort- Peter, Beth, Jane & Ann
We love Captain Nicholson – he’s holding a fully restored heart.
A small group discussion time.


Mary & Martha were worried about their brother, Lazarus.


Lazarus, Mary & Martha reunited again!
Sally seems to worry about everything. She was worried about elephants so she dressed up like a mouse.

















Childlike faith.
Time of prayer for children to receive Jesus as their Savior.

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