When we struggle – Jesus Rescues! – Day 7

The theme for day 4 of holiday camp was “When we struggle – Jesus rescues”.  It is important for our crews to know that even Jesus had struggles.  Our story for the day was about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.  Peter played the apostle Peter and our local South African leaders played the part of Jesus, the angel, the other disciples and of course Judas.  We did the story as a pantomime.  Fortunate for our team, we have Ann as the storyteller.  Ann has a booming voice with all the perfect inflections needed to convey the emotion and highly tense situation.  The kids loved it and more importantly, they saw that even Jesus struggled so he can understand when we struggle and is always available for us to reach out to him with our prayer.
On a side note, Beth has been doing a great job as being the puppet Sam.  The kids have not figured out who the puppet master is yet!  When Peter was getting ready with Jesus and the gang prior to doing the day’s story, we were behind the puppet area getting our costumes on.  The SA  leaders were excited to get to see who came out from the puppet area.  They could not believe Beth was the puppeteer!
A really big thing we did with the kids today is give them paper prayer hearts.  We invited them to write their prayers on these hearts and give them back to us so that we can take them to America and our church would be praying for them all the way over the ocean.  Prayer requests ranged from help with school, recovery from sickness to keeping older men away from the younger girls.  You all will get to see these requests soon as we bring them home.
After the kids went home, the team had a relaxed time and then dinner to discuss the day.  Beth did a devotion and then we all held hands together, praying for these young South African leaders to finish strong.  The young leaders are rising up and what Jesus is doing through FASA is having a tremendous impact on their lives.  As Ruan said to me “This camp is like a test for the leaders who went through the International Leadership Academy (ILA) last year.”  Ruan also wants me to say hello to his buddy Shawn from America.  Hi Shawn from Ruan.
Please pray for us all to finish strong.
Peter Hackett
Pantomime skit about Jesus struggling in the Garden of Gethsemane.


The children are busy writing their prayer requests on paper hearts to share with our American church so we can be praying for each of them.
Beth and Jane busy editing scripts!
Miss Jane and Sam discussing the day’s story.
Just a few of our fearless leaders! SO Proud of them all!


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