First Day of Camp ~ Jesus Rescues!

First Day of Camp:
The anticipation ended as today was our first day of camp.  The morning started out with some bumps in the road, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  Satan has his way of throwing curve balls to see if he can catch us off guard, but all that means is that God must have big things in store for his children this week.  The morning started with over 125 students waiting to be picked up with no buses en route.  Kathy calmly made a few phone calls and before we knew it things were back in action.   The children all arrived and were sent to our individual groups.  We were able to spend some time getting to know one another by sharing names and laughs.  The children had snack, played games, made crafts, sang, danced, etc.  Our lesson today was that Jesus rescues.  We had a skit where the children learned about Zacchaeus, how he was a tax collector, and stole people’s money.  He was a lonely man with no friends.  However, Jesus came through, called him by name, and forgave him.  Jesus rescued him from his low point and made him new!
Through each activity today, the biggest difficulty seemed to be the language barrier.  It is amazing and beautiful to hear them speak in their native language, but it also makes you feel disconnected in a sense.  It’s during that thought that I realized it isn’t so much about what we say as it is about what we do.  We loved on those children as best we could today.  We interacted, took pictures, ate food, and most importantly, shared the Gospel message.  Numerous children accepted Jesus as their Savior today.  I’ve only been here a few days, but Africa has already claimed a spot on my heart.  I’ll never forget their silly giggles or contagious smiles as no matter what the day presented them with neither of those things changed.   We ended the day exhausted, but excited for what else this week will bring.  Every day will not be perfect, but it will be exactly as the Lord has planned.
Please continue to pray for the children.  Pray that they will continue to return the rest of the week.  Pray that, while our verbal language is limited, our physical language will not be.  Pray that we would love them in such a way that they’d leave this camp confident in who the Lord has called them to be.  Please also pray for all of our leaders, both American and South African.  Pray that our energy levels and engagement would stay high.  Pray we would have the courage to step out of comfort zones and strength to give it our all until Friday.  Pray that nothing would distract us from doing the Lord’s will.
Angela Adams
PS.  We will have approximately 130 children this week for a day camp.  These children come to five days of camp for FREE.  Would you help us cover costs for these campers?  (Transportation, food, activities and craft materials)   If you would like to help, please visit our website at and choose ‘Sponsor a Camper’ under Giving Types.  A gift of any amount would be appreciated.  
The leaders are awaiting their children and cheering them on!
Silly faces and smiles!


Zaccheus made an appearance today. He knows that Jesus Rescues!


The children are reciting their memory verse for the day! Psalm 27:10


Here is one of the teams practicing their rap. Wish this had sound!







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