Transition weekend – Team #2 arrives!

Team #2 arrived Friday afternoon grateful for safe travel, and weary, but excited about the week to come.  We stopped at Una Pizza for lunch, and Francois our transport service driver made the drive interesting with all his South African lore. We did see monkeys and sable, but no giraffes.

Upon arriving at FASA Lodge, Team #1 was just ending their last day of Bible camp and sending the kids off with warm hugs and tearful goodbyes. The SA youth (team leaders) gathered together with the rest of Team #1 and Kathy and Jody, and many of them spoke of what impacted them and how Jesus had touched them this week. The Team #1 leaders gave touching accounts of the wonderful job the youth leaders had done with the younger children.  Team #2 was inspired by the enthusiasm shown by the youth leaders, and adult leaders as well. We all shared dinner together, and then a time of prayer, and ended the evening with a bonfire.
Saturday we all cleaned up the grounds to spiff it up for the new group of kids coming Monday.  We then had lunch at a great place and several of us went zip lining there.  After lunch we took a drive to see the area where the kids live. Many of the kids waved to us, and we can’t wait to see their smiling faces, and what the Lord has in store for them and us.
Tonight we prayed about reaching the children with the Good News. We know it’s Christ not us, and we all have a servants heart, and know that God will use us in a mighty way with the children He has entrusted to us.
Robbin Morio
Team #2 – ready for action!
Team 2 is getting acclimated and having some bonding time.
The children are always excited to see the FASA van!


Now that’s a bonfire!

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