Day 4 of ILA Camp – Overwhelmed with gratitude

Sitting in the debriefing meeting at the close of our day I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for what has happened. Before the meeting we saw the sun set in a colorful, expansive panorama of trees and pastel clouds. Nearly a week full of teaching, activities, team building and worship has lead to NINE first year learners coming to know Christ. While it would have been a worthwhile experience by itself, to see this fruit is deeply rewarding.

The kids have literally grown before our eyes; they have embraced leadership skills, learned about the Bible, and grown closer to one another. I manned the ‘balance beam activity station’ where I instructed kids to line up by age – without getting off the beam. I was blown away as I watched one team not only do this task quickly, but a second task that was harder, because they were not allowed to talk while doing it. This team of first, second and third year learners was the quickest and rewarded with points for their effort.

Earlier tonight we stood in the dark, arms raised worshipping, with a live praise band – the singing was loud, happy and soulful. In the back of the room some young men danced and leapt to the music as contemporary praise songs were amped up by their very own learner playing the drums. I could feel the tiredness of the busy days and jet lag catching up with me as I sang and gently leapt. But, by the end of the night I felt a satisfaction at the fruit this FASA ILA camp has borne.

Evan Darling

Evan monitoring a team building activity./;.l’l[op0=-

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