Reflections by the 3 Amigos


Today was a day of reflection. I think it finally got to us all that camp was over and the kids are gone.  A few of us have started communicating with the kids via whatsapp already. It is encouraging to know that we can continue to stay in contact and encourage them in their faith throughout the next year.

We spent some of the day in Gods great creation at Wild Eden.  It’s was humbling to see it all at work viewing a variety of animals.  Afterward the whole group sat around a fire and prayed for the upcoming year for the kids the trip home Jody and Kathy and many other things. It was a pretty powerful event and one that I feel made a true difference. We must never underestimate the power of prayer!

Not only did this past week change these kids but it changed us as well.  None of us leaders will return home the same.  It was clear that God was at work during every lesson, activity and meal.   We can’t wait to see what he does next!


This week has been amazing to see the growth in all of the young learners that were selected to attend this camp.  There were some truly amazing individuals that we had the opportunity of interacting with and teaching them about God and how to be good leaders within their schools and their communities.  The amount of enthusiasm and excitement these high school aged kids exuded was inspiring, especially as they came together as teams with students from different backgrounds and walks of life to form strong friendships.  Each one of the learners that attended this camp left a changed person and a better leader.  I am proud of each one of them.

Additionally, it was truly awesome to see the level of support that FASA has within the local community here. They are making a huge impact in this community!  Also, as we went through this week, we had the unique opportunity to interact with some of the ILA directors in training. This showed us all that this ministry and this course is alive and well throughout Africa and Europe, planting the seeds for the church and community leaders of the future.

I feel truly blessed to be a part of FASA and ILA throughout this past week.  The team truly came together as a family and made a huge impact in the lives of the young leaders who attended; however, I honestly feel that they may have taught us more than we could have taught them.

As we get ready to return home, we are all praying for them that they will be able to stay strong and overcome the adversity they are certainly going to encounter over the next year.


Today was the first day without the learners, whom we had the privilege as leaders to teach and to serve.  They are all great kids.  

I woke up, with this surreal feeling, that the kids are now back at home and we are here.  We will miss seeing them as we head back to the States soon.   I  worked with the 3rd year learners, and impressed on each of them yesterday, that we’d like to help them in their next step, which is their service project in their community.   Above all that they are encouraged to continue, with joy.   Each of them indicated to Allan and I, which project they’d like to do, and each gave me the thumbs up that they will do it.   We added that we would give them advice, for their project, since all of them, have access to WhatsApp to keep in  regular contact.   It was truly an honor to serve within FASA as a Leader for these wonderful children, and work alongside the ILA leadership.   

So I woke up this morning after my own devotional time,  walking around the camp area reflecting on what was accomplished this week with the kids.   After breakfast, we loaded up the vans, and headed over to Wild Eden for some R&R.  Some of us played Corn Hole (myself), while others just relaxed by the pool, and others chilled on comfy hammocks and couches, with refreshments served.   We each then climbed aboard one of two baakie’s to go on a Safari ride and saw a variety of wild life including 2 giraffes!  How cool!   We all watched the sunset on the way back, with refreshments, and rode along the Limpopo River which borders Botswana.   Back at the lodge, we had a delicious dinner of 3 different game meats, followed by a great time of further reflection and prayer around the fire.   We each prayed.  Of course, the central reason for prayer was the impact that this week had and would have on the learners going forward.   We believe their joy will continue as the seeds have been planted in their hearts.  For some, the seeds were already planted and their knowledge of God increased to a closeness to our Lord that was greater then when they arrived. 

it was a wonderful day of fellowship. Thanks Jim and Tammy! 

Praise God for the time we had to serve Him!


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