First Day of Kids Camp!

What an amazing experience to be completely “immersed” in a group of 36 South African leaders and over 130 kids from Marapong.  That is the town we visited and Judi wrote about on day one of this journey.

As we moved through the activities of the day we frequently found ourselves squashed together in a “sea” of bodies at the FASA lodge.  The children were quite content to be climbing all over each other.  Let me set the scene further … it felt like about 95 degrees, all bodies were hot and sweaty, loud as loud could be; arms, legs, everything everywhere.  As I sat in the middle of this, the children noticed & were amazed by my blonde hair, as well as the amount of hair on my arms & legs.  Once comfortable with me, they started to rub the hair on my head, arms & legs continuously.  This may sound alarming but I felt the overwhelming love of Jesus for these precious little ones. If I ever wondered if I love children,  I can tell you without a doubt  that I do!  I actually can’t wait for tomorrow!

I feel so blessed to be able to love on these kids in the name of Jesus!

Dave Shoemaker

The whole leadership team getting ready for the first day!


Dave Shoemaker – surrounded!!
Full house on the first day of camp!

Working hard on their ‘getting to know you’ sheets.

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