Second Day of Camp

Hello Everyone! Niki here! Today was the second day of camp and it was amazing!! This is my first time attending a FASA Children’s Day Camp and I wasn’t sure what to expect with the language barrier. Yesterday was a little discouraging because none of my group could speak English well enough (so they thought) which led to no one really talking to me at all. My South African leader did all the talking yesterday in their language so that they could understand the activities that we were doing and I felt useless. By the end of camp I was wondering why God had been tugging at my heart to come on this trip because I really served no purpose yesterday.


When we got back to the house I told my team how I was feeling and everyone said that today would be better because the kids would warm up to me, I just needed to give it time. So I included that in my prayers last night and God definitely delivered! Today was so much fun and I really bonded with my campers. All of them were talking to me and asking questions, even the kids who really couldn’t speak English well were using their hands to sign things for me so that I could understand. This little girl named Mpho never left my side the whole day (pictured below). When we would go into the lodge she would always sit on my lap with her hands holding mine wrapped around her and even though it was about 100 degrees in the lodge, I felt nothing other than happiness. It was such a successful day that I literally want to go to bed right now at 5:43pm just because I want it to be tomorrow morning so I can see my group again! Clearly I am very excited for tomorrow and can’t wait to see what God has in store for our team!

Niki Nowakowski


Mpho & Niki


Niki & Mpho 😊


Niki and her team!

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