Wednesday – The half way mark!

Hi It’s Liv!!!

Today is the third day of camp and it was awesome!!! Yesterday I switched groups. I decided I wanted to be with my Dad.  The kids kind of overwhelm me sometimes.  I feel a lot better now.  I think my Dad appreciates my help a little.  Some kids don’t know how to pray.  I’m glad we get to show them.  Yesterday they played this music video and I could tell that all the kids were really engaged in the song and so were the leaders.  They like to sing with the songs and do all the hand moves.  And I thought it was a little funny that all the girls loooved playing with my hair and styling it!! I had so much fun cant wait for tomorrow!!!!

Niki, Liv & Ellie


Some of our wonderful leadership team.


Tshepang, one of the kids in our group.

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