The first June team traveled well and have been working hard to prepare for the camp!

Travel Day:

The flight went very well, with the flight time being 14 ½ hours. We met Francois at the airport, who then drove us to the FASA Island, with a stop at Una Pizza. The team, Beth, Niki, Brenda, and Christian, was led on a tour of the island and met all of the people who helped run FASA. The team slept very well Friday night, going to bed at 8:30.

FASA! Our home away from home!






Day 1:

Saturday was a long day of work on the lodge, changing it into outer space for the children’s camp. There were telescopes made, puppet stages put up, and walls covered with stars. After a FANTASTIC lunch made by the chef Khutso, the team drove to Marapong in order to see and get a feel of what conditions the children and youth, who came to the camps, lived in. It was a poor neighborhood and it made you realize how blessed it is to live in Medford, New Jersey. Yet, the children who saw us and talked to us always had a smile on their faces. After we got back from Marapong, we worked on the lodge more and it is ready to go for Monday!!

Galactic Starveyors! Jason & Christian are out of this world!





























Day 2:

Sunday was eventful!! We went to Agape church for their service and it was awesome hearing Pastor John pray and preach in Afrikaans from time to time! Luckily, he knew there were Americans there, so he threw us a bone and preached mostly in English. After church we were busy preparing for the Braai, an African barbeque, and we got to meet the youth who we’re going to be working with us at the camps. The team and I are looking forwards to the camp!!

Christian Iannuzzelli

Time for the braai… friends!


We can’t wait until tomorrow….bring on the children!


Taco & Lola love Christian!




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