Blog 2 – Today was the first day of camp!

Camp Day 1:

Hello it’s Niki! Today was the first day of camp! We are blessed to have the kids from Shongoane joining us this week. And let me tell you – we had an amazing first day! Every single kid that was in my group had a smile on their face the whole day. We started the day out by worshiping in the lodge as a large group, next we heard the story of creation, then we went into our small groups to talk about the story to make sure they understood it, and finally we went into our rotations.

My group’s favorite rotation was definitely games!!  We were head-to-head with Mr. Winter’s group the whole time (if you don’t know Mr. Winter then you need to come to South Africa just to meet him) and then at the end it was a big competition to see what group won. The game that we played today was similar to the cup stacking game that is played in the US. One kid would run up and stack the cups into a pyramid and then the next kid would run up and collapsed the cups into a single stack, and then repeat that process until every kid in the group goes. The amount of energy that the kids had for this game was unreal!  Unfortunately, our group came in second but we were totally happy with that because our kids had so much fun competing that they didn’t even care that we weren’t first!  They were just thrilled to be having fun at FASA camp in general!  I cannot wait to wake up tomorrow so I can see my kids again and we can continue to teach them about Jesus and have fun together!!

Niki Nowakowski

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