Blog 3 – Brenda found her groove!

Interview with Brenda –

NIKI: How was day 3 of camp?

BRENDA: Day 3 was great! My favorite part was when we got into the Bible and the Bible puzzle, which incorporated two verses from the New and Old Testament. I was really amazed by how much they were engaged in the activity and reading from the Bible.

NIKI: What surprised you the most at camp?

BRENDA: I don’t think I was prepared by the love and openness showed by the South African children. I was surprised that, even with the language barrier, the children understood the love being shown towards them and reciprocated it.

NIKI: What is your favorite part of the day?

BRENDA: SINGING AND DANCING!! It’s so much fun to see the energy present in the lodge while the children are jumping and dancing. Also, the little projects throughout the day that we get the chance to do with the kids are another major highlight of the day.

NIKI: What was your favorite part of day 3?

BRENDA: The children seemed very proud of their bookmarks they made during the creation activity. I really feel something move inside me when we work on activities with the children and help them create something that becomes precious to them. The bookmark activity included spending time reviewing each of the 5 colors, presented on the first day, of the Gospel, and I could see the revelation that Jesus is the Lord and Savior in their eyes.

NIKI: Where have you seen God in action today?

BRENDA: I can see God moving in everything we do. Whether it’s songs and dancing, games and rotations, or arts and crafts, I can see the Holy Spirit moving here at FASA Lodge. He really presents himself in the joy and wonder the kids show when doing all of the activities and in the times of fellowship with the kids.

Hearing about the Restoration Promise….Jesus Christ is born!
Wordless Bookmarks remind us of the Good News!
Mary, Joseph, Simeon & Pete our interviewer – ready to take the set! Love these smiles!
Star Team Pollux shining bright for Jesus!

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