Blog 4 – Wonderful Mr. Winter!

This week at camp we are blessed to have 38 leaders selflessly serving the children of the local village of Shongoane. They are on their holiday break and spend the entire day tirelessly loving, engaging, teaching  and playing with the 120 children attending our camp this week.  If you ask these young leaders why they are here, they will tell you it is a privilege to  have an opportunity to serve God.  May God bless them richly for their sacrifice and service.  We could NOT run these camps without YOU!

We are blessed to have an extraordinary adult leader among us, Mr. Winter.   Mr. Winter is no stranger to FASA camps and has served faithfully at several kid’s camps, youth camps and ILA.  Our faithful friend is a great example to me.  Each morning Mr. Winter invites us to join him, in the lodge, bright and early at 6:30am, before the children arrive, where he leads us in a time of prayer.  He starts out by leading us in prayers of thanksgiving and follows with prayers for wisdom, protection, the children and their families, salvation and anything else the Holy Spirit brings to his mind.  I am so grateful and humbled to have such a prayer warrior among us!

Mr. Winter is also “ Mr. Wonder” during camp this week. You see, we have a “Wonder Wall” where the children and leaders can place any questions they have about God, Creation, Jesus, sin, salvation or ANYTHING at all…then Mr. Wonder chooses several questions and provides the children with answers using God’s Word as the authority.  A few question the children asked today were “If I sin, will God still love me?”, “Is there life after death?”,  “Can I die for someone else’s sin?” and “Why should I obey God?”.   Mr. Wonder engages the children by dressing up in crazy costumes and he dances around the room and then answers them with the truth found in God word.  Here at FASA…we think Mr. Winter is WONDERFUL!  God bless you and keep you Mr. Winter, we love you to the moon and back!

Mr. Winter & Christian ready to share about Adam & Eve and the first sin.
The things Mr. Winter (aka Mr. Wonder) doe for the children! We are so blessed to have him serving with us!
Mr. Wonder uses God’s Word to answer the children’s questions.
Mr. Winter is a one of a kind leader!
The children LOVE their leader and teacher, Mr. Winter.
Mr. Winter praying over his small group. Amen!

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