Blog 9 – The Tough Questions

Third and Fourth day of Marapong camp

The past 2 days of camp have been a blast!  The kids have really started to grow on us and have been opening up about themselves, but these days haven’t been without their challenges.  On Wednesday, the power went out in the main lodge, which required some quick changes to the schedule.  Worship and bible stories were shared right outside, which turned out to work really well as there was a lot more room for the kids to stretch their legs.  By far the favorite activity amongst the campers was team chants throughout the entire camp. Today was performance day for each team. These chants were to highlight their team star name as well as to praise God. Man do these kids have rhythm! Each face was pure joy as they performed for the judges, but team Polaris took first place, with team Spica in second.

Some of the more sobering experiences were the prayer stars and the wonder wall.  The kids were told to write any prayer request they wanted on the prayer stars, and they would be taken home to America to have the FAC team pray over them (which they will). It was difficult to read through many of the prayer requests, kids asking that their parents get jobs, that their family members won’t be sick, and that they could do well in school. We really tried to impress on them the importance of prayer, and how God is listening to everything they say to Him. The wonder wall was a place where the kids could write any questions they have about God or the bible and they would be answered by Mr. Winter, who dressed up to become Mr. Wonder.  Several tough questions were asked, such as why do people kill each other, or why people hate church, but every answer that Mr. Wonder gave was very inspired and hopeful.

These experiences gave us even more reason to love these kids and share even more about the miraculous work of Jesus Christ. Day by day more of these children are accepting Jesus as their Lord and Savior and are really understanding all that God has done for us.  The kids were able to repeat back to us what sin is, how it hurts our relationship with God, and how Jesus paid the price to take that sin upon himself.  The joy on the kid’s faces when they realize not just how much we love them, but how much God loves them is priceless, and really makes the trip worthwhile.

Dom & Janel Nolt


Washed by the water of the Word!
What a blessing having a local Pastor serving at camp with us Thank you Pastor Billy & Wendy!
Janel shares with the children “how deep, how high, how long and how wide and how far love goes!
Spending time in prayer

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