BLOG 10 – Preparing for God to Move

Preparing For God to Move

Our team safely arrived in South Africa landing in Johannesburg at around 7:30 am on Friday the 28th. We then shuttled over to the FASA camp located here in Lephalale, South Africa. On the way we stopped at Una Pizza, a very friendly and welcoming pizza place that had some unique choices on the menu to say the least. We arrived at the camp at roughly 1:30 pm where we were blessed enough to catch the end of the children’s camp and see them off as they headed home. Just the remaining two hours of the children’s camp made us even more anxious to work with the teenagers who would be attending our camp the following week.

On Saturday, we began preparing for the week to come, planning and figuring out everyone’s role that is to be played to make our week as successful as possible. We went on a tour of Marapong where many of the kids are from and got to see a glimpse into their everyday lives. In the coming week, we are expecting to host roughly 75 kids where we will hope to reach them through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Sunday morning, we went to Agape Church where we worshipped and heard a sermon about how “the church” needs to be following a Jesus model of Christianity rather than a temple model. When we follow a Jesus model, our walk with the Lord becomes less complicated but much more demanding. The Lord demands that we love one another as He has loved us. This becomes difficult when the Body of Christ is missing pieces and as the pastor helped us to realize, each and every one of us make up an important piece of that body.

We then finished setting up and preparing for the kids to arrive on Monday morning back at the FASA camp. We are so excited for what God has planned for all of us in the coming week and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

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