Blog 12 – God is Forgiving

Day Two of Youth Camp

​Day two started off with a testimony from Dominic Nolt, one of the American leaders. His testimony gave the youth a lot of confidence and hearing something like this will be a great learning experience coming from someone who is only a couple years older than them. Session One was covering John the Baptist lead by Liney. She talked about being obedient towards God NO MATTER THE COST.  Praying is important when obeying God and setting your life apart from sin. After Session One, an activity was planned for Tug of War. These Youth were too strong for the first rope and snapped it in half, but the Leaders were prepared with a backup. The youth were given “Quiet Time” and encouraged to spend some personal time with God, and allow them to grow in their faith and to strengthen their walk with God.

After they had some free time and lunch, the next activity was ready. Everyone was paired up with partners for a water balloon toss with the winners getting prizes.  Session Two was led by Jason, who talked about what friends you should be hanging out with. Friends are very important. Depending on who you hang out with will either hinder or help your walk with God. Hate the sin, love the sinner. A friend will correct, counsel, support, sharpen, and reflect. Tournaments were to start after Session Two and small groups. Three games were played in today’s tournaments: handball, four square, and chess.

Session Three was led by a guest speaker, Joshua, talking about Forgiveness/Bitterness. No matter what the situation is or who it is, you must always forgive without bitterness. God always forgives his children and we should do the same. The youth had dinner then had praise and worship time and a bonfire. The youth are here because they want to get to know God better and to strengthen their work and we are encouraged by their devotion to learn more about Him. Day Two ended with each kid one step closer to God, expressing a desire to shut the door between them and their old selves and to be reborn as a disciple of God.

We look forward to what Day Three has to bring.


Liney speaking to the youth.





Tug o War!
Jason presenting Session Two on friendships.
Guest speaker Joshua.
Worship by the fire.

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