Blog 11 – Starting off Well

First day of Youth Camp

Today we welcomed 66 youth to camp to learn about this weeks theme, Set Apart.  After settling the youth in for the week Jody lead our first lesson on the topic,  Whose are you?  He set the tone for the week by defining what it means to follow God’s call to be Holy. He explained that it doesn’t mean that we live perfectly but that we live with a mindset that we are set apart by God for His good purposes.  He explained further that this mindset is important because we live the way we see ourselves.

After the lesson we broke into small groups to discuss the application of the lesson and bible characters that exemplify the call to be holy.  The afternoon then opened up to a time of fun and games. The youth enjoyed games of Archery Tag, carpet ball, handball and much more.  The lesson in the afternoon was on Samuel.  Jody spoke on the fact that because He was set apart by God he was able to hear His voice;  Therefore we, who are also set apart by God as Christians, should be listening for His voice and calling. We wrapped up the day with a game of Glow Stick Scavenger Hunt.

Please keep praying that the Lord would greatly impact these youth to have a firmer identity in who they are as a people set apart by God for his good purposes.

Jody giving the message.

Archery Tag





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