Blog 13 – The Art of Worship

Day Three/Four of Youth Camp

Days three and four started with a devo from Hunter and a devo from Logan respectively.  The first session each day was taught by one of the American leaders.  Scott talked about the story of Jeremiah while Matt talked about Samson’s life.  Being the Third and Fourth days, the campers were very comfortable with us by this point and were asking some really great questions;  from questions about sexual immorality and relationships to questions about the Holy Spirit and God seeing us as a new creation in Christ.

​Day Three continued with a couple great sermons on Suffering by Itu and about how God protects from Ludwig, two of the African leaders/pastors.  Afterwards, there was a student-led prayer and worship session.  It’s truly incredible to see the South Africans give their all in worship.  Sometimes it seems like we’re scared to worship, thinking about what the person next to us would be thinking, but the kids reminded us that worship is solely between you and God, when you’re worshiping the person next to you might as well not even be there, it’s just you and God in the room.  The South Africans definitely worship as if there was no one else in the room,dancing and singing praises and even just falling down to worship and pray!  Finally, the day concluded with a bonfire and fellowship.

​Near the end of day four the worship team from a local church, Living Waters, came and taught a sermon on Male/Female relationships.  Afterwards they set up the music equipment and played several songs while the kids praised and worshipped.  Once the music had concluded, the kids were given the opportunity to partake in communion, something that some of the kids had not done before.  Some of the kids shared their experiences/testimony over the course of the camp.  We also handed out t-shirts to all the campers.  We’re currently waiting for the kids to go to bed (which might take a while) and are preparing for the last day of camp tomorrow.

​Dom Nolt

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