The FASA Team

What excites you most about FASA?

Rodney Sager

The thing that excites me about FASA is that people on both sides of the ocean are changed by God on a mission trip. The youth of Southern Africa want change. People will come back to America changed and effect change in their homes and community.

Jody Adams

I’m excited to be a part of discipling and training the next generation of Christians that God raises up in SA!

Kathy Adams

What excites me most about FASA is that the youth in South Africa will know that in Christ alone is where hope is found and true forgiveness is given!

Suzzanne Kim Chung

My favorite thing about FASA is being bold and fearless with like minded brothers and sisters in spreading the gospel and impacting future generations for Christ! And seeing God draw people to Him and connecting his people to journey together in making disciples in the U.S and SA.

Beth Hackett

What excites me about FASA are the boundless opportunities we have to share the good news and love of Jesus with so many children in their schools (public schools!) and community. And the countless lives and futures being transformed because truths and promises found in God’s Word that are far more powerful than the reality their circumstances. Love wins!

Tammy Walter

What I love about FASA is that we are intentionally blurring racial lines and bringing unity and freedom in Jesus Christ. They will know we are Christians by our love.

Ron Beebe

It is awesome to witness God using FASA, and so many of our FAC family, to introduce 100s of South African youth to Jesus and to disciple God’s chosen to be leaders for this and future generations.