After School Bible Studies

We conduct an after school Bible study in several different schools in the Lephalale area. Some meet once a week, and some are not as frequent. We are working towards the goal of having an after school Bible study in all five schools. This program is a more specific Bible study addressing kids ages 13-21. This study targets those who are interesting in growing in their faith. We believe they are at the “come follow” spiritual level. While the current staff is doing a great job, they need more help in this area because the potential is so enormous. As soon as we announce that we are forming an after school Bible study as many as 30-40 kids will show up and want to be involved. Plus additional schools are inviting us to conduct after school Bible studies at their schools as well. We could use at least 4 additional interns for this program. And we need folks to sign up for our plug in trips as well!