International Leadership Academy (ILA)

Currently our leadership development strategy is geared towards the age group 13-21 and focuses on the “come serve” spiritual level for those who want to mature in their faith and learn how to serve others. Our primary leadership development initiative is a annual camp called “The International Leadership Academy”. This program was developed by a South African organization called “Reaching a Generation”. We partner with this ministry, as well as 3 local churches and several area businesses to conduct an annual, one week, overnight leadership camp for selected high school students. Ten students from each school, and from each grade, are selected by their teachers for exhibiting leadership qualities and potential. Those selected are asked to commit to the Leadership Academy camp for 4 consecutive years. The camps run in Oct of each year, with follow up meetings, retreats and accountability throughout the year. The curriculum is intense leadership development based on Biblical principles with practical application. The students who get selected are so grateful that their enthusiasm and commitment to this program is overwhelming. It is an absolute joy to experience such appreciation from these young people. They will definitely be tomorrow’s leaders in their families, communities, schools, churches and governments. What a privilege it is to be part of this great work of God in developing these fine young folks. Our meager efforts go such a long way with them!

Due to the involvement and large number of students who attend the leadership camp we need many volunteers to help. We are looking for 20-25 from the US and at least that many from SA. As always it is awesome to work alongside our SA brothers and sisters in this great effort. The ILA is the perfect partnership of the South Africans and Americans coming together to reach a generation for Jesus Christ.